Leadership Through Storytelling

Monetize Your Story

You want to positively impact your life, the lives of those around you, and rest of the world (sure, go big!) But how?

I see you and you are not alone

Why me?

After being almost homeless several ago, David is now an award-winning international speaker and author. With over a thousand hours of stage time he has inspired others to become leaders that create a life of connection through storytelling, vulnerability, and influence.

Having an extensive acting background has given him the unique ability to connect with audiences on a deeper level. More than information, David brings inspiration and impact on a personal and relatable level.

His current workshops, "Leadership Through Storytelling" is presented at schools and events internationally.

In addition, David also has over two decades of sales and leadership experience. The preview of his new book, “Sales for People Who Don’t Love Sales (but have to do it anyway) is helping entrepreneurs and businesses owners who don’t like sales get more results without more stress!



  • Sales for People Who Don’t Love Sales

    For the small business or entrepreneur



  • Creating Connection

    Transitioning into University or a new school.

Sunny, Sunny Success coaching

Ladda Boonmee

“You sir, are a master of your craft….What an outstanding evening!”


“David is a natural at public speaking, he really knows how to keep an audience engaged in what he’s coaching/teaching them, through humour, stage presence and his delivery of the information.”



”David Fisher was instrumental in helping me deliver a TEDx script that contained challenging dialogue and make it fun and entertaining for both me and the audience. He was also the reason I received a huge unexpected burst of laughter and applause - his guidance helped me to up my game and deliver the best talk I could possibly give. Thank you, David!”


What people have to say about “Sales for People Who Don’t Like Sales” Now available!

"This is an excellent resource for anyone in sales and also for business owners who have never learned sales or are uncomfortable with selling. David shows us simple, yet powerful steps to connect with our customers and transform the relationship leading to authentic and effortless success. You know when you see someone having success at what they do and you want to find out what they are doing to have it, that is what David has given us here, his exact process for exciting results." - Jody Kennett

I never thought that I can be a good seller because I used to think that selling is something far beyond my ability. I don't like to sell.

After I read this book, my perspective on selling changed. This book made me feel good about selling. Now I see myself as a helper instead of a seller because I love helping others…This book made me feel like I don't have to sell in order to make more money….I love this book so much because of many reasons:

1. It is easy to follow along, no confusion, and not too technical. 

2. David made me feel like he was talking to me from his writing. I really enjoyed it.  

3. There was some humor in the book while I learned a lot of selling strategies.

4. There were so many stories that made me see the picture clearer. I loved the examples. It made me realize I can do it!

5. I felt like this book is also inspired me to believe in myself and I think other people will feel the same.

6. David showed that everybody can make mistake. We should learn from it and move on. - Ladda Boonmee

You Are Not Alone




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