Inspiring Reasons to Become an Expert Storyteller

Do you tell good stories? Really? I don’t mean the kind your friends laugh at after a few drinks. I mean stories that can inspire an audience, or motivate a team to action. Stories that connect and change others.

After being an actor and writer, I consider myself a storyteller, but I also know that the art of story is something that can never be perfected. It’s an endless quest for better.

I attended a Be Inspired Event recently, and something Sam Middlewood said about storytelling caught my attention. When we really connect with others, it’s at an emotional level. See, we don’t need perfect stories, because emotions aren’t perfect. Emotions are messy and all too often confusing and illogical. But they are also relatable.

Take a few minutes today and start writing some stories down. Be a collector of stories. Write them, be familiar with them, and dare I suggest, practice them. Then, when you’re asked to give a presentation or speech, you don’t have to scramble to find that story that fits. You’ll have one ready and you can prepare the appropriate content around that. And who knows, maybe your drunken friends will be impressed.