Quit Finding The Easy Way

“5 easy steps to get thin in a week”

“4 easy steps for anyone to be rich!”

“4 easy steps to make anyone fall in love with you!”


You’ve seen them on magazine covers, late night commercials, and most of all, online.  

Yet, if it was that easy, there’d be no obesity, no poverty, and no divorce.

To be fair, even if it WAS that easy, there would still be obesity, poverty, and divorce because humans have brains that are in a constant battle between our reptilian stem and our frontal lobe. There’s a lot of material out there on mindset and much of what I speak and teach on is that we can overcome fear and make decisions based on rewriting the stories we tell ourselves.  This post I want to tell something different.

I’ll be perfectly clear that for most of us, at least at the start, change takes WORK.  To get thin, to get rich, to build relationships, take WORK.

It’s not rocket science, we can build rockets.  It’s human psychology, which I would argue, is something we understand even less (to all you rocket scientists out there, I mean zero disrespect)

Please, get in shape, make more money, build connections with others.  A lot these clickbait type headlines have good information in them. Many are also complete garbage.  Use that brain of yours and glean information you can use, and forget the rest, even if it includes this blog!

Understand however, that whatever actions you decide to take, will take WORK to get results.

Don’t be discouraged when you don’t look like Wonder Woman or Captain America.  Are you more in shape today than you were a week ago because you put in the WORK?

I could continue to give examples, but I think you get the idea.  That brain of yours is smarter than you give it credit for.

Just remind yourself once in a while that it’s never as easy as they tell you.

Now, go get to work.