Shy me, with Dad

Shy me, with Dad

One of my clients - a teenage student, English not being her first language - looked me directly in the eye and said in her speech, “I got 100% on my class presentation because of you…” I nearly cried. Which for those who know me, know it’s not that hard. Still, I was deeply moved and a moment I’ll never forget.

Many years before, I sat in the hospital waiting room in the middle of the night. I was alone. I was five years old. My mom had just gone to say goodbye to my Dad, who suddenly and mysteriously died.

Without having the words to explain it at the time, I suddenly was a sailing ship with no rudder, no sail, and no captain. I spent many years looking for a hero. As a child I imagined I was someone else who was that hero. As a teen, I was an actor, many times playing the hero (or the villain - but isn’t the villain the hero in their own story?). As an adult I continued to play those roles (see my acting resume below). As a speaker, I could entertain, impact, move, and motivate an audience. But…

…I was still that shy awkward kid inside. In many ways I still am.

If you feel a bit over your head, alone, or wondering what the next step is in life, school, or business - I understand. Now, I’ve used my story, experience, education, and my passion to change the world - to help others. Because there is a hero inside all of us. We are all captains of our own ships.

I give keynotes and workshops that show people they are not alone by demonstrating the power of connection using vulnerability and storytelling which increases the depth of relationships and transforms business.

As an award-winning public speaker with 1000’s of hours of stage time, I teach others that we hold more influence to change the world than we think.

I have spoken at events like, TOPBC, Be Inspired, TEDx, and Toastmasters Conferences, and have done workshops for organizations such as, Plenty of Fish, Create Change Now, and BL Education. I have taught public speaking at institutions like Future V, Eminence, and Leaders of Tomorrow. I have attained recognition as both a speaker and a leader from Toastmasters International. I have coached other speakers for events such as Get Inspired, TEDx Stanley Park, and Tony Robbins Power of Success.

I coach connection through storytelling and vulnerability, particularly working with students in transition or entrepreneurs who “Don’t love selling, but have to do it anyway.”

You are the hero of your story. You are the captain of your ship. Let’s give it a rudder and sail, and change the world.

At one of my workshops for Be Inspired

At one of my workshops for Be Inspired